Notes on COLOUR

Colour grouping and usage:  

1  Descriptive – blue sky, green grass, yellow sun etc.
2  Monochrome – all one Hue or colour.
3  Arbitrary – any random or intentionally random grouping of colours.
4  Analogous – adjacent colours on colour wheel.
5  Complimentary – opposite colours on colour wheel – e.g. red and green, blue and orange, yellow and purple.

There are values in all colours.
Colours can be used to construct or to express.
Colour is used on the flat picture plane to give spacial references – warm advancing and cool receding – to create depth and volume.

Image result for renoir Swing         Image result for matisse art
Swing – Renoir;       La chat aux poissons rouges – Matisse;  

  Constructive use of colour:
1  Use values to create sense of volume –  3D quality – by manipulation of chromatic values to give roundness.  Renoir used colour values for volume, e.g. in SWING he used deep shade of orange for the shadows.
2  Balance composition with colour, by relating contrasts of colour, e.g. blue square to blue triangle.
3  Unify composition with uniform background, especially if mildly abstract.  Colour can also be used as directional lines to the focal point.
4  Colour identifies the subject matter, e.g. sky is blue, grass is green, by the change of colour between objects. This is illustrating with colour.

Image result for picasso weeping woman
 Weeping Woman – Picasso

Expressive use of colour:
1  Colour is used to create a mood, e.g. sultry or peaceful.
2  Colours express emotions, e.g. happy, sad.  Happy paintings by Matisse, anguish in Picasso’s WEEPING WOMAN, sorrow in his Blue Period.
3  Colour is used to symbolise ideals, e.g. red, white and blue for patriotism; gold, blues and mauves for the Heidelburg School; blue dress, white veil, and gold halo in religious paintings.
4  Colour has an aesthetic quality all its own – it can be used in its own right, for its own appeal, its harmonies and its contrasts.

 Jud House   1/09/2016

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Author: judsartwork

I write reviews of Adventure and Hidden Object games that are Crime, Fantasy, SciFi, Renovation, Travel, Quest and/or Mystery by genre. I have a Masters in Writing (2006) and have been writing novels, both crime and fantasy for many years; plus Haiku, verse, and prose both fictional and literary. I am also an artist of modern, Acrylic, textural and hard edge work, underwater, fantasy, expressionist, and Cosmos paintings. I use mixed media (Acrylic, Watercolour, Pastels) in textural Monoprints, finding surprises to expose within each work. Having both an analytical and creative mind has meant that I have strong powers of observation, and the persistence required to follow computer problems through till I solve them. Of course I am not always successful, but am willing to ask for a little help in order to then unlock the main problem myself. My Troubleshooting Blog, 'Problems and Solutions', was the result of my tenacity.

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